Hi, let me introduce myzelf...so my name is Nete and I was Born in Copenhagen (Denmark). Since 1968 I have lived in the Netherlands in the province Nort-Holland.
For many years I was an active Bowler and was a member of the Dutch team, The European Bowling Championships (for deaf and hard of hearing people).
I stopped my carreer as a sportsmen on June 13th 1998 after a finger injury that resulted in a Posttrauma Dystrofia.
Besides all this I am also chairman (-woman) of NEBAS section Deaf Sports department (of Bowling) for a year now and for many years I was game-secretary and secretary. Now that we have a new assistant game secretary I can use all my energy and brains for my hobby as a "webmaster". For the past year I have had one big wish: a deaf sports website on the Internet.
I began as a webmaster after trying to find employment, but because of my deafness, I was unsuccessful. I can communicate with other people by computer, so my ears don't have to do anything with this. At the moment I cannot work because of my injury, but i still have hope and faith that my injury will get better.

I wish you a lot of surfing fun!

Many greetings from Nete

Responces and gifts are welcome through:
E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ#: 8196192
Bank-account: Postbank: 7472880, t.a.v. N.Stutt, Purmerend (write your name and e-mailaddress, so that I can thank you)